The Mental Health Library

Our Mental Health library contains about 6,500 books on mental health, providing a system for selection of books about specific symptoms or specific therapies applicable to each patient's symptoms, a computer retrieval service, an audiovisual service, etc.

Information for your use of the library

  • Open days and times
    • Monday through Friday and the third Saturday of the month
    • 10 am to 5 pm
  • Reading system
    • You can select and read any book in the stacks. For video tapes, you fill in an application form and the requested tape or tapes may be used in the library.
  • Lending service
    • To apply for this service, you must submit an application form together with your drivers license, health insurance card, student i.d. card, or any other identification. Up to three books may be borrowed by a person for three weeks.
    • Some of the books and audiovisual tapes are not available for this service.
  • Information, copy, and audiovisual services
    • Information service:
      The books and other materials owned by the Library are all on a computer data base. Information is provided for available books by type of neurosis and type of psychotherapy.
    • Copy service:
      Books and other material owned by the Library may be copied for 30 yen per sheet of copy paper. Some of the materials cannot be reproduced for copyright reasons.
    • Audiovisual service corner:
      Video and audio tapes can be freely used in the audiovisual service corner of the Library.

Mental Health Library

Information service

Audio-visual service corner

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